Jewish Community Legacy Project

Jewish Community Legacy ProjectlogoJewish Community Legacy Project (JCLP) is a resource for congregations that want to ensure their legacy. JCLP works with congregations that typically have 50 members or less, with an aging population and dwindling leadership and are not located in urban areas. The focus is two-fold: short-term sustainability and long-term planning that will cover perpetual care of the cemetery (if applicable), preservation of historic documents, the disposition of ritual articles, and legacy endowments that reflect the interests and values of the congregation.  JCLP, throughout the United States, works both with congregations that need to close within 1 to 5 years as well as with congregations that will remain viable 15-20 years and more. JCLP does not charge for its services. In short, JCLP gives synagogue boards an opportunity to engage in prudent legacy planning. For more information, visit the JCLP website.

Blumberg Family Jewish Community Services’ “Family Relocation Project”

Family Relocation Project logoBlumberg Family Jewish Community Services’ “Family Relocation Project” is proud to be so positively featured in this documentary. We continue to seek Jewish families to move to our town and congregation. To help your family relocate, we can provide up to $50,000 of financial assistance for those who qualify. To learn more about our project, and to start your application process, visit the Family Relocation Project website.